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Dealing With Stress and Staying On Track With Weight Loss

I am happy to partner with Medifast on this post.  In October my five year old got sick. It all happened right after we got back from Mexico on vacation so we found ourselves at the hospital for 11 days. Two surgeries later and my daughter was back to her normal self. I really couldn’t…

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Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System: Beef Stew Recipe – Giveaway

I already have another Ninja appliance in my kitchen so I was more than thrilled to hear about the new Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System. I have a traditional slow cooker machine but was immediately impressed at how many uses it has. Features: Heats from the bottom and the sides at the same time Cook meats…

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Reco’s Clay Cookware Review

The earliest use of clay in cooking dates back thousands of years ago. Wet clay was used to cover foods that were then placed directly onto a fires hot coals. Once the clay had hardened and dried the food was removed and the clay mold was broken away revealing a tender, moist and tasty meal.…

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Perfect For Summer Cooking – PoachPod

We were provided with a sample. I love small tools that make cooking foods easy. I was recently sent the ultra versatile poachpod. The flexible FDA food-safe silicone mini bowls are perfect for poaching eggs. I’ve also found other uses and the kiddos think they’re perfect for snacks.The bright colors are also tons of fun…

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Fun Summer Foods With FunBites – #SummerFunGiveaway

With kids being home for the summer I’m making more meals than ever and that means we’ve got to get creative! I was recently introduced to FunBites the super cool cutters that cut my kiddos food into fun shapes.  Our favorite cutter has to be the squares because you can make teeny tiny fun sandwiches…

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Nogent Knifes in New Bright Colors for Summer – #SummerFunGiveaway

Just in time for summer cooking Nogent has come out with three brightly colored pairing knifes. These bright colors are perfect for any summer cooking you’ll be doing. These brightly colored knives are available in lime green, pink, and turquoise. I was sent the pink one which is perfect for me and I easily sliced…

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