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Keeping Busy

Let The Kids Dance The Night Away With Just Dance: Disney Party 2

One thing we love to do around this house is dance! From Brooklin’s constant dance practice moves she is busting out, to our 3-year-old always twirling and trying to mimic what her older sister does, our daughters love dancing. Even our oldest, while she may not be in any classes or anything, she loves to…

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Great Holiday Gifts – SOL ALPACA Handmade Accesories #FeelWarmer

It’s holiday shopping season and I know I’m starting to buy gifts for our family. Gifts for Grandparents and Mom are often some of the hardest to pick but I know that any woman would enjoy a gift from SOL ALPACA.  We have partnered with SOL ALPACA on this post. SOL ALPACA makes a wide variety of handmade…

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