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Valentine’s Day Ideas

The Nokia® Lumia 810™ from TMobile

The Nokia® Lumia 810™ is a great windows phone that gives you everything you could need. It uses the Windows 8 operating system which is great for us since we are Windows 7 & 8 users. Syncing the phone   To me, one of the most important features of any smartphone for me is a quality…

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Fandango Valentine’s Movie Date Night – Gift Card Giveaway

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and even if you don’t celebrate or do anything special I think it’s a great excuse for a date night with your loved one. One of the most simplest and often greatest date nights for my husband and I have been as simple as going to see a movie. As a mom that means I…

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Children’s Books For Valentine’s Day

We love children’s books so we were thrilled when we received these books about love to review! For Little Ones… Huggy Kissy By Leslie Patricelli | $6.99 | 12/2012 | 1 yr – 3 yrs When you’re an adorable bald baby, your family finds lots of ways to show you how much they love you: Mommy lifts…

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Hershey’s Valentine’s Day Cookies

This year I have no big class party to plan so we’re going to be scaling back on the number of treats we make. This year I want to be simple and kind and send sweet treats to those people who are a part of our life every day. My kids love cooking and baking…

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Glow Crazy Distance Doodler – Giveaway

My kiddos are thriled about a new product they just got to review. The Glow Crazy Distance Doodler is the funnest new thing in their bedrooms.  Grab the Glow Wand and wave the light, you can draw from your bed while it’s over your head. You can use stencils to create patterns, track your hands, even write your name. My…

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide – Photo Canvases – Giveaway

This Valentine’s day there are so many gifts to give, but some of my favorite gifts are the ones that are personalized. This Valentine’s Day buy your gifts from MailPix.com the online photo printing website. We were thrilled when we sent in our design for a photo canvas. We took an updated family photo just…

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