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How The Guardzilla Home Security Camera Lets Me Keep An Eye On Everything


This post is partnered with Guardzilla. All opinions are our own. 

Having small kids has many joys. It is also a lot of worry. While as a parent, I give my kids space, being I have all girls I always have my eye on where they are. We have a large backyard and a large trampoline and hot tub. Our kids are busy and active kids, and they love running around just being wild. We stay busy with work, shuttling kids around, blogging, and just always something. So having an extra eye or camera round is useful.

We keep cameras in our backyard, front yard, side of house and garage. It’s not overkill as the cameras are wireless and easy to access with my iPhone.

But as I mentioned it takes several cameras to watch the backyard and side of house. I want to see the trampoline and hot tub, but also the back door where the dog likes to lay when outside. We used 3 cameras, and still couldn’t see everywhere we wanted to.

We were offered a new style of camera to try. It said it has a 360 degree view, so I was very interested. My cameras I have now use a lot of expensive batteries and haven’t found a reliable rechargeable option, so I’m even cautious on motion detection and arming them for away.

This new camera we were sent is called the Guardzilla 360 Outdoor/Indoor All-in-One HD Camera. It is a rechargeable camera system and is a totally new way to monitor our home or any location such as a business, shop or anywhere with WiFi access. Simple install and connect to your WiFi system and download the app. Connect the system and its good to go. Straightforward for any camera system these days.
But what really sets the Guardzilla apart from other camera systems is its wide viewing area, a full360 degree. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect at first, but after hooking it up, it was awesome. I could now view my whole backyard with just one camera.

The wide viewing range is achieved by simply moving the phone around. So I could watch and see what is happening by our trampoline, or look down the side of the house. I could even look up into the tree and to the back wall of our property.

I can monitor the camera while away, set it to arm mode which detects motion. With the app, I can review recorded 8-second clip (stored online for 2 days free, larger cloud storage options available) footage with event history. I have my phone set up for push notifications which is super useful to keep an eye on kids and the dog.

Not only can I monitor the whole area, I can talk and hear through the camera. Guardzilla also features Night Vision and a built-in siren to deter intruders.

Before the Guardzilla I had 2 cameras and still was limited to line of views. The Guardzilla makes it super easy to monitor an entire area with one camera.

360 Degree View Security Camera Technical Details

The camera system works with different smartphone Home platforms.

  • Google Assistant
  • Nest
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Samsung SmartThings

Rechargable battery and the ability to mount it vertically or horizontally is super useful.

Guardzilla has more uses than just security. We use to to keep an eye on the kids and make sure they are safe when in the back yard. With a hot tub, trampoline, and wide space for running around, things can happen, bad things. 

We can even keep an extra eye on the kids for the babysitter and keep areas off limits with motion detection. It’s a really wonderful system and addition to our home.

You can learn more about Guardzilla and purchase these products on their website.


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