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HelloFresh For Families

HelloFresh For Families

This post is in partnership with HelloFresh. All opinions are our own. 


We enjoy making meals as a family as as a vegetarian it can rather boring when it comes to dinner ideas. I want to encourage my kids to eat more vegetarian meals so I really wanted to try HelloFresh for some time now. Each meal comes with everything you need to prepare one meal. Each HelloFresh box contains three of these meals and I have to say they’re perfect for our busy family.

HelloFresh For FamiliesIt’s hard working full time to be able to also come up with meal ideas. I actually work later hours so I also want to make sure that my husband has easy meals to make for our kiddos when I am woking later. HelloFresh is so simple and easy because they include everything you need and the recipes are really easy and delicious!

HelloFresh For FamiliesWe made the Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos and I have to say this is a family favorite. Plus it was so easy we can make this recipe again and again! Our box also included two other delicious recipes like a mushroom risotto that our entire family enjoyed! HelloFresh For Families

Just slice and roast the sweet potatoes then we made an avocado lime and cream sauce. I have to say the sauce was such a wonderful addition and it’s deliciously easy to make. We had more than enough for our family of five to eat for dinner and everyone enjoyed the simple recipe and the avocado lime sauce.



HelloFresh For Families

I love how simple and delicious these tacos are. They prove that vegetarian food can be delicious and easy. It’s fun to learn these new recipes because we really can see ourselves using them again. Plus we really enjoyed each of our HelloFresh meals.

HelloFresh For Families

Right now you can try out HelloFresh and use the code OURORDINARY60

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