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Health Snacking For Kids This Fall With LARABAR Kids

We partnered with LÄRABAR® on this post. 

It’s back to school and now that we are headed into fall we’re still packing school lunches every day. I always try to make lunch fun because with my work schedule now there are many days out of the week that I no longer get to have diner with my family. So packing fun lunches is just a fun way to share my love for my girls as we transition from summer into fall and our many family transitions as well.

LÄRABAR® kidsI have always believed in quality ingredients and feeding my kids healthier snacks. I often buy products that are all natural and organic. Being a vegetarian I eat a lot of fruit ad nuts and one of my favorite snacks are from LÄRABAR®. NON_GMO snacks are also important for my family so I was so excited to get to try the new LÄRABAR® KID™ is baked with love using 9 or fewer pantry ingredients. This wholesome bar fuels kids for a lifetime of adventure, imagination, and delight.

LÄRABAR® kidsEvery day we try to encourage our girls to get outside and play even if they don’t have after school activities that day. We sit down and do homework but I always like to encourage a little play before the homework. It lets our kids get out all their energy and they are better able to focus on their homework. Again LÄRABAR® Kids makes for a great snack idea. Plus they’re so good that everyone loves them! LÄRABAR® kids

As the heat of summer has finally cooled down and we head into fall here in California I have to say these outside backyard moments are the ones I am looking forward to most.

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