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Halloween Dinner Idea - Eyeball Spaghetti

Halloween Dinner Idea – Eyeball Spaghetti

It’s almost Halloween and that means that we’re all prepping final touches on costumes and enjoying last minute Halloween parties. I love to get ready for different holidays with fun crafts and food ideas. It’s so simple to turn ordinary things into extraordinary moments of fun and laughter.

Halloween Dinner Idea - Eyeball SpaghettiThese eyeballs are so easy to make and we just found some mini onions in the pickle section of the grocery store. Add in some black olives for the pupils and you’ve created a scary good addition to what might be an ordinary dinner. Halloween Dinner Idea - Eyeball Spaghetti

Spaghetti is simple and easy for everyone and we just added those onion eyeballs to a roasted cauliflower. On top of the spaghetti and it’s so fun and delicious. You can try this spider bread recipe idea too for the perfect creepy side.

Halloween Dinner Idea - Eyeball Spaghetti

Simple and easy to make this is a perfect simple idea as we head into the week of Halloween!

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