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Eco-Friendly Mattresses For Your Kids

We are happy to partner with Bundle of Dreams on this post. All opinions are our own. 


Being a family who very much cares about sustainability and the planet. It’s very much a value that has impacted many of the things that our family does. Like we do drive an electric car and we buy products that fit our values. When our teen wanted a larger bed we knew we needed to research eco-friendly mattresses for our kiddos and we knew we wanted something that was eco-friendly or even organic.

We actually found all of that and more with the Bundle of Dreams® mattresses. Organic cotton, hypo allergenic and even made from recycled materials. It’s just the kind of mattress that we knew was perfect for our family.

Bundle of Dreams® mattressesDid you know that over 70% of children’s mattresses contain harmful chemicals linked to health risks and labeled by the EPA as human carcinogens, emitting fumes dangerous to children. With health and safety at the forefront of our concern, we were so excited to be introduced to Bundle of Dreams®, an exclusive range of eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and 100% breathable premium mattresses with no off-gassing or VOC’s for newborns and kids.

Bundle of Dreams® mattresses consists of the company’s revolutionary Bundle Fiber™, instead of standard foam core. Foam is produced from petroleum products and chemicals, which have been shown to cause pulmonary and respiratory problems. Unlike foam, which emits VOC’s and is often made with chemical flame retardants, Bundle Fiber™ is derived from quality controlled, recycled water bottles.  The organic surface is eco-friendly, water repellent, and easily washable making it a great option for small children. girl on mattress

It’s nice to know that while we are replacing a mattress in our home we are doing it with the best intentions and we are choosing the best option for our family. You can learn more about Bundle of Dreams and shop now on their website.

girl on mattress

Now more than even I want my children to be happy and healthy. I know that the products we buy impact their lives as well as the planet. I really want to do what’s best for both and that’s why it really is important to go with an eco-friendly mattress. We are actually replacing all of our mattresses with more eco-friendly options and really like the comfort and shared values with Bundle of Dreams®.

Would you buy an eco-friendly mattress for your kids?