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New Gululu Go – Kids (Smart) Water Bottle For Kids

My kids are active kids who spend a lot of time outside. With the summer finally here and temperatures hitting 90s and even the 100s, my kids need hydration. Most heat related deaths and illnesses, more than 90%, occur between the May-September months, with the highest numbers during July (3,145; 39%) and August (2,138; 26%).

mia with original Gululu kids water bottle

Being that they are active kids it means that we go through a lot of water. With that they also use their water bottles. When we were introduced to the Gululu last year we thought it was neat!We live in hot Southern California and while it can be cool, it also gets into the 100 degree range for months.

Now available is the Gululu Go. Our kids now have a kids water bottle that will help them track their water intake. As the bottle is filled with water it tracks the water that goes out of it, with fun interactive animated pets. Kids take care of their virtual pets by drinking water. gululu go kids water bottle purple


My kids love to take care of their pets, and their Gululu pet is no different. So encouraging my kids health with healthy water habits is important for their adult lives. As a kid I lived in hot areas and was always pushed to drink water, so its natural for me. But with so many drink choices for kids, they have many drink distractions.

With the app, we can keep track of how much our kids are drinking.

gululu go kids water bottle app

What’s so great about the Gululu water bottle is that it isn’ just a water bottle. It’s transforming healthy habits through play. Plus kids love it too! Right now you can sign up and get 35% off pre-sale. Which means that now nationwide kids everywhere can get their hands on this exciting new smart bottle wattle.

kids looking at gululu go

My girls got one of the first looks at the product and we’ve been big fans ever since.

NEW Features of the Gululu Go:

  • Built in speaker
  • Small size
  • Special Cap
  • Latch for carrying on the go
  • Improved materials
  • Portable Magnetic charging cable
  • Complies with COPPA – Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act

Now there are fun new color combinations and it’s something fun and exciting for kids. gululu go kids water bottle purple teal colorful

I like that you can also connect it to your phone and actually see how often my kiddos are refilling their water bottle. It’s nice to see them actually building on those healthy habits while having fun and growing with their own virtual pal.
Plus the water bottle actually is a premium water bottle that keeps your drinks cool and is comfortable and easy to drink from.
gululu go kids water bottle inside design

Right now you can buy one and get 35% off as the Gululu Go kids water bottle is set to sell nation wide. 

Check out this video –

This is a sponsored post with Gululu. All opinions are my own unless stated.