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gotrax glider folding electric scooter pink

GOTRAX GLIDER Folding Electric Scooter For Kids & Adults

We were sent a GOTRAX GLIDER Folding electric scooter to try out. We were all excited as we are fans of anything that moves powered by electric motors. We have an electric car, so this electric scooter was perfect for going places.

The GLIDER electric scooter is a adult-sized electric scooter. This scooter supports up to 260 pounds, and carries a minimum of 88 pounds. This allowed us adults to actually use it for commuting and also we could have fun with the kids. Our older kids had more fun then us and loved it!

The biggest fan in our home is our 9 year old. She loves riding her bike, rollerblading, skiing, doing flips, even skateboarding. But she especially used to have fun with her 2 wheeled scooter. When she found out we were getting a electrci scooter she was super excited.


Her impression and review of the GLIDER scooter is thumbs up. With dual speeds (one set for up to 10 mphs and the faster setting up to 17 mph) she can have fun safely, and pick up the speed where its safe. Its fast enough to keep up with a bike and she had no problem riding around. What is great is it has a hand braking system, which she loves.gotrax glider folding electric scooter brake accelerator

Of course since she is still a child, we had to teach and practice safe riding habits for kids. This includes awareness, following signals, stopping properly, crossing roads, and skills she will need into her adult life. She has fun just riding around out front, but a real blast taking a ride out around the neighborhood.

GOTRAX GLIDER electric scooter features:

  • FOLDING – Folds easily down for transport in a car or on a bus or train. Easy lever action allows for quick and easy folding.gotrax glider folding electric scooter kickstand
  • GREAT TORQUE & SPEED – With a 250 watt motor, this scooter allowed me as an adult around 200 lbs to move around 15 mphs, quickly and safely. I could gain speed up also foot pushing if I wanted.
  • DISPLAY & LED LIGHT – On top sits a display with miles per hour and battery life (5 bar indicator). Also near the top is a bright LED headlight.
  • DUAL BRAKING SYSTEM – Hand controlled brake along with manual foot slowing system.


Using this scooter was super easy and we both had it down on first try. Simple give a kick and hit the hand accelerator lever. Super easy. Its easy for all ages. While it still is a machine that moves, safety is always essential. Wearing a helmet and knee pads is always recommended with children in my opinion.

I love my daughter wasn’t afraid to get going. Now she is constantly asking “Daddy, can I go ride the electric scooter.” Its funny because she reminds myself of when I first got my electric car. Always wanted to find a reason to go drive it.

Living in Los Angeles area, we have ride sharing and also scooter sharing. These are the same kind of scooters used by companies. While it has smaller wheels, it feels durable enough for commuting across town if needed. I may even find myself using it for train rides into the city.