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make your own fruit popsicles

Making Your Own Summer Fruit Popsicles

I participated in Mom Blog Tour Natural Products Expo West (#MomBlogTourFF) on behalf of Wendy’s Bloggers. I received Wyman’s of Maine products to facilitate my review, but my opinions and creative content are my own. 

kid back jump on trampoline

With the water getting warmer here in California we are starting to send more and more time outdoors. Our girls love gymnastics and tumbling so naturally they also love to spend time in our backyard on the trampoline. With all that play also comes really tired and hungry kiddos. Being that I always want the very best for my children I always look to find all natural ways to get them to eat a more plant-based diet.

Frozen berries and fruit from Wyman’s of Maine is that simple way to eat more healthy. I like that their products are easy to find right at my local grocery store in the freezer of open freezer section. Buying frozen is great as it lasts a long time and the fruits and vegetables keep most of their nutritional value right out of the bag. Plus we can enjoy fruit all year round.

Wymans of Maine strawberries cherry berry kale mango berry

Smoothies are the easiest way to get my kiddos to enjoy fruit and I like that Wyman’s of Maine has made making smoothies simple with their fruit blends. We love to start some days with a homemade and delicious fruit smoothie. My husband and girls have fun making their smoothies and it makes me happy to see them loving fruits so easily!

My kids also really love Popsicle. With spring ending and summer break beginning, kids are going to be busy and looking for something cool during these hotter summer months.  With a hot day comes treats and snacks we need to give us energy but also keep us cool. I like making my own fresh fruit frozen Popsicle for our girls.

Whats great about using frozen fruits from Wyman’s of Maine is how I know these Popsicle are like eating whole fruits on a stick!

Coconut, Strawberry and Mango REAL Fruit Popsicle

Real Frozen Fruit Popsicle Ingredients  

  • 1 cup – Wyman’s of Maine Mango Chunks
  • 1/2 cup – Wyman’s of Maine Strawberries (sliced)
  • 1/4 cup – Sweetened Sliced Coconut
  • 12 OZ. – Natural Soda OR Juice
  • 1 TBSP – Maple Sugar (other sweetener besides refined sugar)

We love mango in our house so we used that as a base for the popsicles. Not only is mango a great base, but it allows contrast for adding whole fruits.

  1. Start by adding frozen Wyman’s of Maine Mango Slices to a blender along with your juice base. The purpose for the liquid is to allow the Mango to blend smoothly and allow the freezing to bind it all together. Blend well until smooth and consistent. Do NOT liquefy, texture is needed to keep it from melting and making a mess while enjoying.wymans maine frozen mango frozen blueberry popcicle
  2. After blending the mango I took the Wyman’s of Maine Strawberries and sliced them. You can tell that their berries are grown in the wild because they’re so sweet and delicious. Their strawberries in particular are just a great addition to these popsicles.
  3. Start by adding the sliced coconut to the top of the popsicle mold then add strawberries and then the blended Wyman’s of Maine Mango mixture. Make sure there are no air pockets by tapping and poking them out. I filled each popsicle with different fruit mixtures. One of them actually has the Wyman’s of Maine Cherry Berry with Kale product. wymans maine frozen mango with whole strawberry popcicleThen just put them in your favorite frozen pops and freeze for several hours.
  4. Let them freeze overnight  for best results. Simply remove them from the freezer, let sit and eat. This is a delicious way of putting fruit on a stick for these upcoming hot summer days.

We added fun additional toppings like shaved coconut and sliced strawberries to make it fun but you could do anything you prefer. The purpose of using Wyman’s of Maine frozen fruit is to make the popsicle fruit based and not just liquid based.

This recipe is so simple and such an enjoyable delicious summer treat for the whole family! You can learn more about Wyman’s of Maine on their website.

Do your kiddos have a favorite summer Popsicle recipe?

Fun Facts About Wyman’s of Maine:
– Dedicated focus on protecting honey bees – “Remember, No Bees, No Berries!”
– Caring for natural resources like soil, water, and air.
– Helping  people eat ‘2-cups a day goal’ of fruits!
– Producer of delicious fruit enjoyed year round!
– Founded in 1874 and family-owned since.
– Grown in the Northeast.
– Focused on sustainability.
Connect with Wyman’s of Maine on Facebook , Instagram,@WymansFruit on Twitter and Pinterest



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  1. Sarah L on June 29, 2018 at 8:10 pm

    Those all look very good (and healthy). For me I’d leave out the coconut but like everything else.