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Fostering Children’s Imaginations With The Lunii Storyteller

This is a sponsored post with Lunii, all opinions are our own. 

mia with lunii story teller in bed

Our girls love to spend time reading and playing. It’s always fun to see them learning new things and finding new ways to explore fun story lines. While we do let our kids play games on their ipads, we also have a little library for them and our new Lunii story teller.

This fun, soft feeling and lightweight box is an intimate adventure storyteller for kids. Easily set up Lunii by connecting it online through your home PC and install stories for kids. It is safe for night time and children of all ages.

lunii story maker for kids on imac pc

What makes Lunii unique is how it lets my kids change and create their own adventure. Fostering my children’s imaginations is important to me so I like products like the Lunii storyteller for our girls. When they start their story they are prompted to slect their adventured, and setting, or animals and more.

Our youngest is just learning to read so she’s having the most fun with Lunii and all that there is to do with the storyteller. Our 8 year old is also a fan and they like to go to sleep creating and listening to their story.

lunii storymaker toggle knob button

Let your kid make their own story!

The great thing about the My Fabulous Storyteller from Lunii is that it is a fun, interactive, and SCREENLESS device for kids.  With access to 48 stories which some are offered in french and some in English, Lunii is a new fun idea for fun story time. Instead of a screen they actually have fun with a simple setup.

Lunii helps them to fall asleep. Some kids love their screens, so this helps to make it easy to say lets LISTEN to stories tonight.  Because those little screens are also flashlights, and no kid needs to go to bed watching a flashlight. It is also an excellent travel companion.

Here are some good reasons to encourage storytelling!

  • Listening and pretending to be in the story is great for creativity

listeing to lunii story teller

In addition to those 48 stories, you can download new ones in English or in French, Spanish, Italian, German, etc. to add to My Fabulous Storyteller thanks to the Luniistore. So children can learn languages and develop their vocabulary. Plus they’re a lot of fun too!

Your child can own their very own My Fabulous Storyteller from Lunii now. Learn more on the Lunii website.

You can buy the Lunii online now.

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