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Wooden Rocking Monster Toy Rocking Horse

Keeping toys for kids simple with Wooden Rocking Monsters

Finding the right gift for kids is always a task it seems. With some many toy options these days, it can be quite overwhelming and costly. I cant say how many times I have bought a toy or something I think will be fun for my kids and they play with it and that’s it.

Many times I find some of the most boring toys are the ones that make a lot of noise and have lights. While the electronic toys are cool and neat, many times they are overbearing and not really interactive. I think for small children including toddlers, having classic and traditional toys are great.

Wooden Rocking Monster Toy Rocking Horse

What I think is great about wooden toys and ones that involve imagination is how kids stay involved with them even without the bells and whistles. From wooden blocks, to dolls and rocking horses, kids have always enjoyed classic toy ideas. I think some toys are a little overwhelming and sometimes if not many times, the simpler toy is just so much more fascinating for young minds.

Rocking Monsters are a new eco-friendly and safe line of wooden rocking toys for small children. These classic toys are back, safe, and more creative than ever. With designs of a Ghost, Octopus, and Shark for different imaginations.

rocking monster wooden toys eco friendly rocking horse

Safety features of Rocking Monsters wooden rocking toys:

  • No splinters or scratches thanks to rounded edges and corners
  • Natural solid birch plywood with food grade mineral oil and acrylic paint, hypoallergenic
  • Tested with weights up to 150-pounds
  • Perfect for kids up to 3 feet and those comfortable with the toy
  • Limited rocking range of 22 degrees of tilt
  • Super easy Assembly

rocking monster wooden rocking horse ghost monster shark

Rocking Monsters are lightweight, yet very sturdy and great to take to the park or anywhere fun to spend time. I dont know what it is, but kids love toys that move and that they can play on. I know my kids love climbing on their dad, so why would kids not love rocking on a monster!

Check out the Rocking Monsters on Amazon. Rocking Monster was made a group of young dads looking for a new toy for their kids and the idea came about.

Find out more:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/rockingmonsters/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/rockingmonsters/
Twitter http://twitter.com/monsterstoys

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