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MindKoo Wireless Cat kids Headphones lights

Light The Ears – Feel The Beat

We are happy to partner with mindkoo on this post. All opinions are my own.

My girls are all girl, they love dress up and make up. They’re all about pink and glitter and kitty cats. Even as my eight year old is getting older she still is that girly girl. Now that she’s gotten older she’s also using devices and and having her own phone she’s starting to use other gadgets too like headphones.

That’s why we liked Mindkoo right away when we saw their adorable light up cat headphones. Not only are they every little girls dreams but they’re actually really comfortable too.

These adorable bluetooth headphones easily connect to any bluetooth device. The on-board buttons of the headset allow you to control your music, switch the lighting mode as well as manage your call with ease. Just click the light button and cycle through the light settings or turn the lighting off. Even kids can do it effortlessly.

MindKoo Kids Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Lights have several modes – 

  • 1st Mode: All lights on
  • 2nd Mode: Earmuffs’ light on
  • 3rd Mode: Cat ears’ light on
  • 4th Mode: All lights on and flashing

My kiddo is a big fan of these. They’re not only pink and totally adorable but they also work really well. They’re comfortable and stylish and they stay charged for our road trips and traveling this Christmas.

Mindkoo is actually well known for making headphones and speakers. I love this fun new unicat version. Not only do I think it’s cute but so do our girls! You can find these on sale for 25% off on the Mindkoo website.