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LEGO Table DIY (1)

DIY: Old Kid’s Table Into a LEGO Table

So its always fun to take something old and repurpose it into something new. Not only does it give us a way to be creative, we also reduce waste and tossing things away. Even before we ever toss, we donate so always think about donating.

LEGO Table DIY hot glue base plates

He has an old table that has been put to use. From being drawn on, it stained with who knows what, to some kind of crusted on mess, its been used. We moved over this summer and had to downsize so we redid their rooms. For the girls we redid the room so the dark stained table didn’t fit.

What they have been playing with lately is their LEGO bricks.I love that LEGO bricks help them learn to build with their hands and be creative. With their LEGO friends sets they get to have all kinds fo little accessories along with their LEGO City sets.

So we decided to transform this old table into a simple LEGO table. Everything was repurposed from old things.

Our supplies to make a LEGO table.

  • An Old table
  • Old LEGO baseplates
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Something for cutting such as a utility knife

While this is not as nice as a premade LEGO table it works. But I will say they do have affordable LEGO tables available.

I started out by measuring old base plates we decided to use. After picking out the ones they wanted we measure them out and cut to fit. During this process make sure you cut and use LEGO bricks to make sure the parts line up the studs, the little bumps on the base plates and top of bricks.

Cut up LEGO baseplates

After its all trimmed and cut to line up, the next aprt is to glue it down to the table. First scrape down and clean off your table surface. Next get some Hot glue ready. Apply the glue thickly and evenly so the tiles will lay down evenly. Make sure your ready because the glue will start to set and all tiles need to be lined up.

You can see I used extra bricks to make sure everything was lining up as I glued on the tiles, plus it helped to make it easier to set and place.

LEGO Table DIY gluing baseplates

Good thing with Hot Glue is its easy to start over. You will have enough glue when the tiles stick and not enough when they pop back off.

Once we made sure we had plenty of glue down and the base plates lined up we let it cool, cleaned up the extra glue and got some LEGO sets to play with.

LEGO Table DIY (1)

What are some ways you have repurposed an old used table for your kids?

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  1. shelly peterson on January 9, 2018 at 5:20 pm

    This is such a wonderful idea. My grandsons would love a Lego table.