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CANDYTOPIA cloud candy room cotton candy

Exploring Candytopia: LA Hangar Studios in Los Angeles – Video Tour

Welcome to Candytopia!

Candytopia Los Angeles LA Hangar Studio B 2553

Candytopia is a candy filled treat-of-a-time. This confectionery exhibit includes worlds inspired by candy and imagination, making it for a sweet time and awesome pictures to remember.

CANDYTOPIA library candy room lindor chocolate

Candytopia was created by Hollywood Candy Queen Jackie Sorkin and fabricator Zac Hartog. This 3 month exhibit is backed with candy to enjoy, spots for awesome pictures and all kinds of imagination fun for kids and adults alike. With over 10 different areas to interact in, its an experience for the whole family.

Life size candy sculptures in Candytopia.

CANDYTOPIA jungle room candy panther

The first room is a one of clouds of cotton candy. With fresh spun fluffy cotton candy and a place for kids and adults to play around, Kaila had her hands full!

CANDYTOPIA cloud candy room cotton candy

Next up is the underwater exhibit. With seahorses, mantas, a shark, and full size scuba diver all made of candy, plenty of pictures and imagination here.

CANDYTOPIA underwater room candy shark fish pixie stix

One fun room was the huge blank canvas. With huge inflated spheres and winging ropes, this is fun for everyone and those adults who are kids at heart.

CANDYTOPIA blank canvas room swinging rope giant balls

After the blank canvas is the art gallery. With many recreated master pieces in full candy form, becareful not to be tempted to eat the art.

CANDYTOPIA art gallery entrance candy paintings bracelet

Art pieces include Prince, Willy Wonka, Campbell Soup, Mona Lisa and more.

CANDYTOPIA art gallery entrance giant candy dragon

The unicorn and pig room was fun with all the crazy colors and sun places for pictures. With a fullsize unicorn made of Candy to huge flying pigs made of candy, it was a wild flight!

CANDYTOPIA candy pig laffy taffy rainbox

Explore with vivid colors and rainbows.

CANDYTOPIA rainbow room lifesize candy unicorn

Probably on of the best parts if the Smash Mallow marshmallow foam pit. This huge pit is filled with marshmallows and has room for a lot of people. On the sides are chutes that launch mallows in the air and fun for everyone!

CANDYTOPIA smash mallow marshmallow pit for adults kids

And the exit was filled with Candy of all kinds to buy. We had fun.

CANDYTOPIA art gallery exit la hangar

Candytopia is located in the LA Hangar is a studio facility in Los Angeles and provides space for film, television and special events. The exhibit opened December 15th and will be around for a few months, but tickets are limited. Free parking is available onsite along with valet service for a fee.

Candytopia LA Location:

LA Hangar Studios
2627 Medford St
Los Angeles, CA 90033

December 2017
Open Every Day 11am – 9pm EXCEPT CHRISTMAS

We were provided with admission.