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Super Luckys Tale Xbox One (2)

5 Things To Do With Your Kids After School

This is a partnered post with KidzVue to share their new 4K title “Super Luckys Tale” for Xbox One.

With kids its important to always be ready to keep busy. Not only keeping yourself ready, but keeping the kids busy after school is super important. While it may seem easier to turn on a device or TV, there are many ways to get involved with our kids.

As a dad I am always looking for ways to turn my kids onto things I enjoyed as a kid. What I try to do is keep them using their hands and their brains while keeping busy. Playing activities with them that require dexterity and hand eye coordination is super important to me as a dad. Them knowing how to use their hands will keep them busy and creative, but also safe from falls or falling.Super Luckys Tale Xbox One (2)

I love that my kids enjoying climbing things and riding their bikes and being fearless. And them knowing how to use their hands will give them the confidence to do so many things they may be afraid of failing or hurting themselves.

Here are some ways for Dad to stay busy with kids after school:

  1. Video Gaming РFor me one big one is video gaming, and I say is for a reason. We currently have a few different game systems but the main used one right now is our Xbox One. Playing games like Super Luckys Tale on Xbox One is not only fun and lets their imagination wander, but it teaches them how to use their hands to watch their moves. Super Luckys Tale is a 3D world that allows my Brooklin to explore and full control her play, but she has to be careful not to fall off the edge! Even my little one can play side scrolling action so she can learn to move left and right while jumping and dodging bad guys. Super Luckys Tale Xbox kid playing on hdtv
  2. Playing with building bricks – We love to build things. From just building a open house, to playing with LEGO friends, I keep them building and using their minds to just have fun.
  3. Drawing – We like to draw and color. I like to show them things I used to draw as a kid and see how much they can copy. What is always amazing is how similar their skills are to mine without even saying anything.
  4. Walk – Take a walk to the store or to a local park. I enjoy just walking and talking with my kids about whatever we can find or see going on. The long talks allow me as a dad to give them so words of advice without any distractions of the day to day bustle of fmaily life.
  5. Doing Chores – I like to do chores from dishes, to cleaning, and even laundry. I find it good to show them responsiblity for themselves but also that Dad can do anything, and mom and can do anything that dad can do.

So we do our best to stock things that keep our kids active in different ways. Instead of just focusing on things that are “girl” oriented, they enjoy doing things their dad did as a kid their age.

What are some ways you connect with your kids after school or work?

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  1. Lucy Clarke on December 15, 2017 at 12:01 pm

    “I find it good to show them responsibility for themselves but also that Dad can do anything, and mom and can do anything that dad can do.” This right here is brilliant! It’s an important value we ought to impart to our children!