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Keeping Up With My Tween Daughter

We are happy to partner with Toddy Gear on this post.  

Sometimes I feel almost desperate to keep up with my tween daughter. I sear she’s grown so much in the last year. It’s so dramatic the change from ten to eleven to now twelve. She’s in 7th grade and is by far so great at everything she does. She’s a great student and likes technology and sports. She’s going to a school that is also technology based and so she has a lot of gadgets.

Recently I got to upgrade her desk space and used it as a special time to get to spend some one on one time with her. It’s funny how as my kids get older I can use special moments to just talk with them about whatever is going on in their lives. With my tween she moved to a new school this year so it’s even more important that I connect with her. Using some of the newest gear from Toddy Gear and their gear is functional and fashionable. For Kaila we also picked some gear that she needs like the extra charging cable that’s super fashionable with a brightly colored print. She will be able to easily tell her own cords from her friends. She’s also all about the accessories for her phone and it’s the one way she connects with all her friends. Having that extra power bank is a must for her. This travel-sized power bank will charge your gadgets anytime, anywhere in a style that is all her own. I know she’ll always be able to have power in case she needs me. 

With my girls it’s really all about creating meaningful moments with them. Juts about showing them that I appreciate them and love them in simple ways. It’s just about making sure we’re talking with our kids about the devices they use and while I trust her it’s all about being present.

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What are some ways you use simple moments to connect with your kids?