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At Home Movie Viewing Party With Disney Pixar Cars 3

We were provide with a fun Cars 3 themed party pack and movie.

Our girls are Cars fans especially being that Carsland at Disneyland California Adventure is one of their favorite places in Disney California Adventure. So when the new Cars 3 movie by Disney Pixar was release on Blu-Ray my girls were super excited. We all love Radiator Springs Racers!

Family Carsland Disneyland radiator springs racers

Being as we live 10 minutes from Disneyland, its not hard to relive Cars 3 with the huge reproduction of race tracks in the movie. So we are always excited to see what we can see in real life, animated in a film.

cars3 home party uno game

We had our own party and fun to enjoy the new Disney Pixar Cars 3. The kids and dad set up a fun movie viewing party before viewing the new Disney Pixar Cars 3. We have some fun snacks and treats and also played some hands of Cars Themed UNO. Fun way to get to know the characters of thew movie.

cars 3 movie blu ray

Cars 3 was a fun movie and new adventure. Its fun how Cars has kept up with the times and the cars that once where the newest and greatest are now older. With new and fast cars, its time for Lightening McQueen to get it together or retire. He meets a new friend Cruz and together she helps him rehone his skills, but he helps her become the racer she has always wanted to become.

Really a sweet transition to allow a girl racer to come onto the scene and win the race. My daughters enjoyed it and it was a fun movie.

Check out these delicious Disney Pixar Cars 3 inspired recipes.

  • Flo’s Mashed Potatoes & Motor Oil Mushroom Gravy

  • Lightning Bolt Dippers with Tow-Mater Sauce

Make sure to go out and buy or rent the new Disney Pixar Cars 3 available now Digitally in HD and 4K Ultra HD™ and Blu-ray 4K Ultra HD™ & Blu-ray™.