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Great Gift Ideas For Kids – Dr. Panda Plus: Home Designer for the iPad

 We are happy to partner with Dr. Panda on this post. All opinions are our own. 

Our girls love trying new things, especially when it comes to new apps and technology. Being that our kids do like technology and devices we’re often at odds for gifts to give them. That’s what I found so interesting about the Dr. Panda Plus: Home Designer. You actually use it with your iPad and it’s something that my kids can’t stop playing with. We’re calling this a great holiday gift idea!!

It was easy to set up the app and get started and my girls were so excited to play. In fact this is something they’ve continued playing with and are still excited about. It’s that much fun!

Dr. Panda Plus: Home Designer is your kiddos creative canvas for building the home of their dreams! Color and customize your flashcards however you like. Then, like magic, see your creations magically appear in 3D! It’s fun to create over and over again. It’s easy enough that even my five year old can do it all herself.  She’s learned to scan the items all herself to design and build her very own house. She likes that she’s helped to create something. It gives kids a sense of satisfaction and also allows them to see their work come to life. Paired with the app and there is endless amounts of things that you can create. It’s actually something that all the kids have enjoyed playing with. Just check out how adorable and fun this couch that my kiddo created is. You can actually see how it comes to life with the app. 

Also the app is really fun for kids. I also like how it’s helping to teach basic sight words to our five year old. She’s putting together words and working with sounds all while having fun. It’s such an exciting new way to interact with the iPad and is something my girls are enjoying playing with time and time again.

You can find out more about Dr. Panda Plus: Home Designer on their site. You can also download the app and shop on Amazon for everything you need! This Christmas this is such a unique gift idea and one that kids can take anywhere on the go. It’s one of our favorite new things and your kiddos won’t be disappointed with this game!