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Starting My Medifast Weightloss Journey

I am proud to partner with Medifast on this post All opinions are my own. 

The last year I have worked to lose weight and while I’ve grown stronger it’s my diet changes that have stopped me from losing weight. I still have extra pounds from y weight gain several years ago that I really want to get rid of. I’ve been working with a personal trainer since the start of the year and the one thing they keep telling me is that I have to fix my food. I really needed an easy solution that could keep up with our busy lifestyle.

I’m so excited to start Medifast Go! and I feel it is the solution I’ve been needing. I feel like the Medifast Go™ 30-Day Select Kit is for me. To start it includes 30 full days of meals to help you burn fat and lose weight fast. I like that there is a wide variety of on-the-go options, and low-prep hot meals (just add water, mix and pop in the microwave). Plus the food actually tastes great!

I’m starting with a goal to lose 25 pounds and I’m hoping even more that this journey inspires a healthy new way to look at food.medifast before photos
I started this week with my very first 30 day meal delivery. The boxes came and I was so excited to get started. I liked that I was able to order a wide variety of meals. I ordered the pre-made shakes as well because I know how horrible I am at eating breakfast. Then I like to eat a lot later in the day. I’m trying to change that so the shakes are a delicious and easy way for me to get a meal in. I like that Medifast has you eating 6 meals a day. medifast breakfast mealsI am also starting with organizing my meals after opening all the boxes. It’s really important that I have my meal options ready to go so that I stay on track.  

Getting started was really  easy. Everything you need to know comes right in your Welcome Kit with all the tools you’ll need to succeed on this program: Start-Up Guide, Plan Guide and 30-Day Food Journal. Plus you’ll get a book of delicious healthy fresh recipes so I can’t wait to try them and share them here with you all.


The offer is good for 7 Days of Free Medifast Meals + bonus gifts + free shipping on the first order as part of their renewal plan. You can start now with Medifast Go!


Are you trying to lose weight? Got any advice for me as I’m trying to reach for my goals? 

“*Average weight loss for Medifast Direct® customers using Medifast Go™ is 11 pounds. Medifast Direct customers are in weight loss, on average, for 8 weeks.”