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Charlie Cat Mold decorating frosting

Great Gifts For Cat Lovers

We have a few cat lovers in our family and of course having three little girls, they love cats. That’s why we were so excited to actually try our Charlie Cat, the original cat cupcake pan. 

Our girls love to bake so we used the recipe included with our Charlie Cat pans and made the cakes. They came out so great and our girls just couldn’t wait to decorate their own cats. In fact we’ve been having a 100 Acts of Kindness challenge so our girls used it as an opportunity to also make a cat and gift it to someone else. You really can decorate your cats any way you like. We used fun and bright colors for frosting and the girls used coconut for fur. They really love to do things like this and I can easily see them creating these when their cat lover Auntie comes to visit next month. She’d be thrilled by these and in fact we think they’d make great gifts for cat lovers of all ages.

The best thing about little kids is that they’re just excited about doing something with their hands. They love to create things and it does give them something to do to stay busy. For our kids it’s just fun and it’s a great way to spend time together as a family. I think their cat turned out really cute and I can easily see us making these again and again. 

Here’s the final product of what they created. We think fall it’s all about creating memories with your family. However fun and quirky it might be. We’re making it fun with Charlie Cat. 


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  1. Daniela Tapia on September 29, 2017 at 9:23 am

    This is so cute, never seen cat cupcake pans. I have cats too and this definitely makes a great gift. Wow!