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Fun Educational Apps For Kids – Zap Zap Math

We are happy to partner with our friends at Zap Zap math on this post, all opinions are my own. 

Our girls are ordinary kids, they know how to use technology and enjoy it. With our youngest starting Kindergarten we have really started to work on math with her and she loves it. Numbers seem to come so easily to my husband so it’s no wonder our girls enjoy math. In fact, they’re really good at math so they also enjoy it.

Making educational fun is what I really enjoy about children’s apps. Zap Zap Math is an app we tried recently and right away our youngest daughter started right in. zap zap math appI really liked that Zap Zap Math has a Kindergarten Math program. Each level there are different games and things to learn. Not only learning the numbers but doing basic addition and subtraction in a fun way. It’s a game I don’t mind my Kindergartener playing because it’s educational and she really is learning and building the connections as she starts to learn more complex math.

Not only does Zap Zap Math have a Kindergarten math program but it goes all the way to 6th grade! Which means that as she grows she can grow with the game and earn badges and complete more challenges. It also means that all of my girls can play and I can easily monitor each of their progress with the game as they play. zap zap math appLets just say she had a lot of fun, she liked getting the answers right and getting new questions. I like that as a parent I can also log in and see her progress. I can see what’s she’s learning with Zap Zap Math and track her progress. zap zap math

Zap Zap Kindergarten math really does help to build the foundations. We’ve been playing the app whenever we would be using devices like this summer on our road trips. It’s good to have educational apps to keep the kiddos busy. It keeps them off the devices for just play and allows them to also have fun and learn something that’s going to help build that healthy foundation. zap zap math

You can start by downloading the Zap Zap Kindergarten Math app. Learn more about Zap Zap Math on their website.

What are your favorite educational apps for kids?