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5 Fall Outdoor Activities For Kids – Fall Fun List Printable

It’s been a terribly hot summer here in Southern California. I am very much looking forward to fall and the cooler temperatures that come with it. For our girls fall is our favorite time of year because we do a lot as a family. We are an active family who enjoys spending time outdoors. So that means finding fun things to do outside to have fun.

We love annual pumpkin patches and they’re a great way to have fun as a family. Especially here in Orange county there are so many fun fall activities for families to do. Be sure to download and print out our FALL FUN LIST PRINTABLE.

5 Fall Outdoor Activities For Kids

  1. Make A Pile of Leaves – Crunching on leaves was always a favorite thing to do when I was little. It’s still fun for our girls!
  2. Go Apple Picking – Apples are in season and chances are there’s an apple farm near you!
  3. Go On A Treasure Hunt – There’s nothing more fun than having your kids dress up and setting out on a treasure hunt. It’s the perfect way to just get outdoors to explore, be sure to point out the changing colors of the leaves.
  4. Enjoy Hot Cocoa Outside – This is my favorite challenge because here in California you could be in the mountains or by the beach. Cozy up outdoors                                   with your family and a warm up of cocoa!
  5. Write A Fall Bucket List – A fall fun list is what we like to call it and you’ll have fun checking off the activities as your family completes them.

fall fun list

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  1. rusthawk on August 30, 2017 at 6:09 pm

    Lots of memories in that list! Where I grew up, picking pecans was one of my favorite fall activities, too.