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San Diego Zoo turtles exhibit girls

San Diego Zoo Family Event for el AMERICANO

We were happy to partner with Lionsgate with attending this event. All opinions are our own. 

We were thrilled to be invited to the San Diego Zoo Family Event for the new movie el AMERICANO. What’s really fun about the zoo is getting to see and interact with animals and what better place to check out a new movie that features several friendly birds. We had a fun time around the zoo checking out the animals and then we got to meet the cast of the new movie.

el Americano is a movie that our daughters found to be a lot of fun. On our way to the zoo we watched it in car and then at the zoo then had the chance to see some animals and meet some of the cast.

el AMERICANO is the movie is about Cuco. Cuco is a boy Parrot who lives in Mexico. His family enjoys working at their circus, but Cuco doesn’t. He rather pretend to be his favorite super hero, el Americano. When a group of jealous birds come trying to take Cuco’s fathers ringmasters cape, Cuco must travel to America to find El Americano. He and his friends meet several new friends when they travel to the border on their way to Hollywood.

They even have a stop and stay in the San Diego Zoo meeting some new friends and learning a little more about what Hollywood could offer. As they are making their journey to Hollywood, Martene and his gang of bad birds continue to chase Cuco. In the end the evil bird doesnt get the cape and ends up in a cage that explodes shooting him out the desert.

During the cast presentation we got to attend at the San Diego Zoo we got to learn about some of the animal ambassadors for the zoo. They are the animals that the zoo uses to teach the public. Often you also learn about conservation efforts being done and what we can do to help the animals that we get to see in the zoo and their habitats. That’s what we like so much about visiting the San Diego Zoo, is the ability for our children to learn about the world and the wildlife in it. These experiences give our children perspective and we had a lot of fun at this family event.

Right now you can get your copy of el AMERICANO on DVD available from Lionsgate films now.

Do your kiddos like to visit the zoo?

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  1. shelly peterson on June 23, 2017 at 12:44 am

    How fun! What a great family event to attend.