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Folding Kids Gymnastics Beam

This is a sponsored post with Powerfly. 

When I started to look for a folding kids gymnastics beam it was when my seven year old started gymnastics. She’s done gymnastics and dance since she just started to walk, in fact I never thought in our mommy and me gymnastics classes that we would get to this point. She’s an active kid and we always want to encourage our girls to live a healthy lifestyle and do whatever it is that they love. For Brooklin that’s tumbling and gymnastics.

We were sent the Powerfly folding gymnastics beam for Brooklin to try out. She was not only excited about the beam but she was excited to get working with it. She started with getting her arms warmed up. 

Then she started working on her cartwheels on the beam. Some of my favorite moments with my girls is watching them do something they’ve been working on. That’s what happened with her cartwheel on the beam. When she finally nailed it the pride she had for herself was palpable, and contagious. It’s those moments that I truly appreciate and that’s why I feel it’s important for my kids to be involved in sports. It helps build self confidence and teamwork, and persistence. I always want to be sure that my kids are in a healthy environment and that they’ve been surrounded by people who will uplift them. This is why my daughter loves tumbling and gymnastics she’s really felt pride in herself and that’s something money can’t buy!

If you’re looking for a folding gymnastics beam this is a great option. It’s soft and sturdy, it also folds up nicely which makes it ideal for us. I don’t have a lot of extra room for tumbling mats and gymnastics beams so having the ability to fold it up is nice.

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  1. Julie Wood on June 20, 2017 at 6:54 am

    What a neat way to have a gymnastics balance beam. The color is pretty and it folds right up to take no room. My daughter would love one of these!