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Save, Find Deals & The Best Prices on Local Prescriptions – Healthcare Saving

We are happy to partner with SearchRx on this sponsored post. All opinions as always are our own. 

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It is no secret prescription drugs and medications are costly here in the United States. In 2014, the US government spent $112 billion on medicines for elderly folks and that is just one chunk of spenders. Lucky for us, we are a healthy family. We have the occasionally mishaps, but do not rely on medications. But when we need to buy prescriptions, using the SearchRx app or website is a way we can save up to 75% off while searching over 60,000 pharmacies which include local names like CVS, Walmart, Rite Aid, Walgreens and more.

With everything happening in politics, its important to have access to information to make smart decisions and ultimately save money. We shop around for the best prices online and in-store so when I can find things like prescriptions, food, anything and save money, we are all for it.

Using apps like SearchRx, is the ease to know the costs for medications from pharmacy to pharmacy. With many people having to pay out of pocket because health insurance and health care continue to be costly and confusing, it may be easier sometimes to just pay out-of-pocket. And if this is the case, might as well as shop around for the best price or find coupons, which do exist for prescriptions.

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I was going over our health costs for our entire family since the birth of our first daughter, and based on bills we have from their births, and know the general costs of some services, we have probably spent $50,000 for 3 births, prenatal care, doc checkups, their care, and some checkups for mom and dad. But this is just for now. As the kids get older and get sick or hurt themselves and for us parents needing more healthcare help, saving money in healthcare is important. Right now with the healthcare discussion going on, no matter what happens medications will also cost money. So why not shop to sav?

With SearchRx, I can look up thousands of prescriptions and medications by brand, form, dosage, and quantity using my zip code or location. I am presented with a list of stores, distance, and cost. Shopping around can save dollars to hundreds of dollars. I can easily find who carries the medication I need and who can save me the most.

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With the complicated healthcare system we have here in the United States, it may be easier to just buy your own healthcare needs at some points. It can be cheaper to shop and take the time to find the best price for medications and supplies, it all adds up. Taking sometime to save money, can really mean serious bucks in healthcare savings which only seem to keep getting more and more expensive. With soaring costs, and many different proposals around especially for elderly medication costs, SearchRx can be great to find the cheapest prices and save at the same time.

And for those who rely on medications, SearchRx also lets you keep medications and coupons easily available. I always recommend checking up on pricing or rates to see if any savings can be found. From insurance to medications, checking on on lower costs as often as you like can save money. I recently saved $500 for a year on my car insurance and $4 for a prescription. Plus many pharmacies have great offers to get you to buy from them.

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Visit SearchRx.com for coupons and save up to 75% on most FDA approved medications with their easy to use website. Discount is accepted at stores all over the country and there are no restrictions or fees. With medication prices be very costly and expensive, saving now can mean having real money for other things in life.

The SearchRx app is available on Apple iTunes and in the Google Play Store.


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  1. Julie Wood on June 30, 2017 at 6:32 am

    This sounds like a great way to save on my prescription drugs. I need to get the Search Rx app right away!