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Preparation H medicated wipes totables gym gear on the go

Fit Mom Life : Staying Prepared On-The-Go

I’m sharing #PrepH in my life as part of a Preparation H sponsored series for Socialstars™

I am always on the go. I joke to my husband that I spend half of my life in gym clothes and that’s because I honestly do. At the beginning of the year I started to work with a personal trainer to learn to lift weights. In the months since I have not only lost weight but I’ve gained a lot of muscle. I’m also a big fan of my favorite fitness classes like zumba. I started dancing ten years ago and haven’t looked back. It’s always the best hour of my day and I never leave a class unhappy. I am also a busy mom of three so nothing can stop me, not even an ultra embarrassing hemorrhoid. 

Being on the go means that sometimes you have to stay prepared for almost anything. One thing I’ve learned since starting to lift weights is that things like hemorrhoids do happen. It’s something that no one quotes warns you about when you start but they don’t have to become a pain in the hiney. 😀 

Staying prepared on the go with  Preparation H Totables is easy because they’re small and discreet and offer relief to irritation when you need it most. It’s fast and easy hemorrhoid treatment all within a flushable wipe. You can take these with you anywhere on the go and are something I keep around just in case I need it. 

Another thing I always keep around is a headband, everyone always asks me how my headbands don’t move. I always buy the active headbands that have a velvet lining on the back side, it keeps the headband in place and all those annoying pieces of hair off my forehead. They’re simple things that really do bring a lot of relief and are two things that I always keep in my gym bag.

You can find out more about hemorrhoids and learn more on the Preparation H website. Also stay connected with Preparation H on Facebook.

What are some things you always keep in your on the go gym bag?