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Dealing With Stinky Laundry

I’m sharing #Tide in my life as part of a Tide sponsored series for Socialstars™.  Like all household products, keep out of reach of children.

I was just joking with my husband about how stinky my gym clothes have become. I’m not one of those moms who wears gym clothes all day, I wear then or the two hours I’m at the gym or working out and I quickly change afterwords. I do spend at least an hour every day of the week at the gym, it’s become a part of my life and I have found I am really determined to improve myself. When it comes to lifting weights I have never worked this hard at anything in my entire life. Yet somehow my workout is also the most enjoyable part of my day so I want to be comfortable in what I wear to the gym. It doesn’t change the fact that my clothes totally stink, maybe it’s that time has taken it toll but one thing I know fore sure is that my laundry detergent has got to do double duty when it comes to my gym clothes.  

Not only do I lift weights but I love to dance. I started zumba ten years ago and it’s still a big part of my life and I get to dance several times a week. I fully believe that with anything you have to find something that you enjoy doing. Dancing is that hour that I get to truly express myself and it brings me nothing but pure joy. 

One brand I have long trusted is Tide®. I just started to use Tide PODS® Plus Downy laundry detergent pacs which offer the Tide I already know a love, with Downy. For the best result for stinky gym clothes like mine, you will want to use Tide PODS® Plus Downy 4-in-1 laundry pacs to clean, brighten, fight stains and protect your clothes every time you wash them.

I have also spent a lot of money on my gym clothes so I want to be sure that I take care of them. Tide PODS® Plus Downy safely cleans, conditions and protects the clothing you love.

I know so many moms who all spend loads of money on workout gear and I’d love to know how you’re working to protect your gym clothes and also keep them from getting staying stinky.  You can learn more about Tide PODS Plus Downy. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN

What are the causes of your stinkiest laundry?