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Are Your Kids Making Slime?

Slime making has been all the rage at our house. In fact it seems like it’s all the rage everywhere. It all started with our 11 year old making different types of slime. Her friends start to ask to buy it from her so she started to sell. She quickly found out what coloring to use, the best ingredients for the best slime. She’s even added things and started to customize her slime, you can pick color and glitter type. Foam, butter, or clear slime. There’s borax, glue, hand soap, lotion, even shaving cream for ingredients. Who knew there’s so many different types of slime to make!?!

She’s discovering that people like to mix in things like glitter themselves so she has slime for that. She’s also learning about pricing because each of her containers of slime come in a container and not a bag. It’s something she has done the math on and priced, she buys supplies. One thing that I love is how unique she is and how she’s listened to what people have told her about other peoples slime. She’s added lotion to make it smell good and it also softens your hands.

She’s become so creative and has started her own social media accounts to show off her different creations. She makes fresh orders every day and has her own small business started. It’s hard to believe that something she enjoys doing has also started to pay off, she’s put her now money back into buying supplies too.

My daughter has proven to me that you’re never too young to start your own small business. As long as you’re enjoying what you’re doing. Plus for her seems the demand is truly there. So it’s been a lot of fun

Are your kids into slime?