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Easy Clothes Shopping for Men from ThreadLab

This is a partnered post with ThreadLab, all opinions are our own. 

threadlab mens clothes subscription

My husband isn’t big on shopping, in fact it can be hard to get him to get new things. I think for guys sometimes they’re just busy with life and other things, shopping really isn’t at the top of their list. These days with so many online stores and subscriptions services I never know what to try for my guy.

When I was first introduced to ThreadLab right away I liked the concept, easily have mens clothing sent to your house based upon your likes and dislikes. I would have never thought about buying online like this for my husband but after trying it he really liked everything they sent. Everything fit well and I can see him wearing these things again.mens clothing threadlab box

You start on the ThreadLab website and start with sizes. We found everything my husband received to be true to size. Then you talk about fit and styles and you the move on to pick your pricing. Before you buy you get to see all of the items, my husband really wanted a new pair of shorts so I was able to swap out a top he wasn’t attached to for the shorts for the same price. You can also pick as little or as many items as you like, say your guy only needs new shorts he can just get those! threadlab long sleeve man

We live in California so even our winters are somewhat warm. He received a long sleeve tee, a sweatshirt, another t-shirt, shorts and a pair of socks. My husband really liked everything he received so I can see us shopping again with ThreadLab.

You can start now and try it yourself, there’s no required subscription it’s all affordably priced and styled for your guy.The best part is ThreadLab learns what fits best with each order’s feedback, so future orders improve.

Start shopping ThreadLab today.