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Brightly Storytime – A Fun New Video Series For Kids On YouTube

This is a partnered post with Penguin Random House. All opinions are my own.

watch storybook telling on iphone instead of youtube kid

We are raising digital children. It’s safe to safe that because we are so tech savvy that our kids have naturally gravitated towards technology. With our kids spending so much time on devices I want to be sure that they are safe and that they are learning and experiencing things that will help them grow as people. We spend a good deal amount of time in the car and our kids have taken to watching videos in the car.

Penguin Random House produces a YouTube video series called Brightly Storytime.. Each of the videos are adaptations of picture books that kids and families can watch to experience the books in a new medium.

I want to be sure they’re watching things that will enrich the things they’re learning. Brightly Storytime videos on YouTube are just the kinds of things we want our kids to be watching. The newest book is a fun adaption of the book HOW DO PENGUINS PLAY? by Diane Muldrow.

Just check out the video – 

I love that Brightly Kids is allowing parents and kids to access these videos for free on their YouTube. I know my kids can find all kinds of things to watch on YouTube but it’s nice to find video that are fun and engaging for our youngest. It’s so important to inspire a love of literacy in kids and if they’re going to watch videos I prefer my children watch fun videos like these from Brightly StoryTime.

reading story teller on ipad toddler

Our daughters have become quite knowledgable about their use of YouTube so our youngest is able to watch other videos because we’ve subscribed to the Brightly Kids Facebook page. We can even access the videos on the go and they’re a fun way to have access to books anywhere on the go!

story teller in the car on the go road trip toddler

Right now you can find the entire series of videos on the Brightly Kids YouTube page. You can also connect with ReadBrightly on Facebook, and ReadBrightly on Twitter.