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Candy By The Numbers

Save Money and Stay Sweet!

Thanksgiving just came rolling down the pipe, and in the distance Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are waiting; all four of which will require candy. And in no small portion! That’s not to mention the parties you’ll attend, and that you’ll go to, which will likewise have a sugary confection element silhouetting their egress. You need candy! But why spend an arm and a leg?

You can find online bulk orders of mini candy canes 500 strong for only $25.00. That’s $5 per 100 candy canes, or five cents a cane. Compare to Walmart’s sale of essentially the same item at $5.99 per forty, or about fifteen cents per cane. That’s a pretty large savings, when you get down to it. A threefold savings, in fact.

It may be reasonable to assume a savings ratio so high when you purchase candy in bulk online. What this means is that if you’d regularly spend $100 on candy during the holiday season, for the same money you can get about three times as much going the online bulk route. If you’ve been used to rationing your sweet reserves during this season, now you don’t have to.

In fact, you may be able to make a single $100 purchase last you past New Year’s and all the way into Easter. Depending on how savvy you are when you make your purchase, you could consolidate the year’s candy into a single expense near the holidays, save thrice the money, have more candy, and so “have your cake and eat it too”, as the saying goes.

Holidays and Candy: Made For Each Other

Holidays where you’ll need candy effervesce out from Valentine’s Day—which definitely requires chocolate!—into St. Patrick’s day (where candy helps keep the kids away from the intoxicating confections also bandied about during this time), into Easter, Independence Day, Halloween, and that smattering of remaining candy corns which suffuses most Thanksgiving dinners.

Be smart about it, you could make one bulk purchase including chocolates, hearts, candy-canes, “fun-sized” candy bars, candy-corns, chocolate easter eggs, and whatever else you like. That single purchase may only cost you $200, but could last you the whole year. At this point, your strategy transcends saving money on candy costs, and develops into saving money on shipping.

But not to worry! By buying online through companies like SweetServices.com, you can get “…cheap bulk candy with flat rate shipping.” That usually means you only pay ten bucks, or some figure around there, and get all the candy you had previously ordered. Even with shipping, you’re still saving money over store-bought options. And, the candied cherry on top: online there’s often greater selection.

Hidden Mental Positives

There is a psychological benefit from candy which overrules some of the negative health consequences which can come from too much ingestion of this delicious substance. Candy during the holidays reinforces these days’ celebratory nature. Candy stratified throughout the year for special occasions suddenly makes it a treat that can facilitate the same feeling even if there isn’t a holiday present.

The key to properly enjoying candy is moderation. If you eat too much of it, you will get sick; and barring that, you’ll become unhealthy. But if you enjoy it moderately during times when that is precisely the right thing to do, not only will you remain healthy, but you’ll not have any guilt hanging over your head preventing you from appreciation of such delicious treats.

There’s a time and place for everything, and the holidays are both the time and the place for candy. Get yours, save money while you do it, and help reinforce times of celebration that already serve to make the year less arduous.

Kevin Bennett

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  1. Rosie on January 20, 2017 at 7:27 am

    I hardly ever see candy around any more. I actually love making candy, and don’t even see much for cookbooks, especially newer ones. I love to have a taste treat especially for the holidays, it makes life a little sweeter!

  2. Julie Wood on January 18, 2017 at 7:06 am

    Getting my candy from a supplier that sells in bulk is so good and so much cheaper than getting it at the store. I will have to check out the suppliers to get candy.