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8 Ideas – Boat, Motorcycle, & RV Winter Tips For Most Outdoor Vehicles

This is a partnered post to share RV Winter tips to keep your recreational, cars, and trucks winter ready. All opinions are our own.

With winter here it’s time to take care of everything that is outside the home. It’s nice to get cozy and have a fire or turn on the heat and make some hot cocoa but during this freezing and wet weather there still is everything else that sits outside the home.

While the country differs in climate, one thing we all deal with is lots of rain, many people get snow, and cold temperatures. For us down in Southern California, winter time means cover the patio furniture & grill, putting kids toys inside including lawn tools and everything else that can rust, peel, and fade. And that is just the backyard.

back up camera on rv safety rainy season

For many there are also the outdoors toys like the boat, RV trailer, motorcycles, sand rail, and anything that may not have an indoor home for the winter months. While some may be stored away, many people still like to get that use for road trips to visit family or just because we can. With winter months comes a different maintenance regiment.

Here are some things to consider for winter season use and maintenance:

  • Oils & Engine Coolants – not everything relies on antifreeze, but if it does check the age and mileage on coolant. If you’re not sure, change it out to be safe and keep a record. If your vehicle is air-cooled nothing to maintain. For boats, make sure water is never near freezing when using near freezing cold days, make sure water temps are well above freezing. Check oil, transmission, differentials, and brake fluids. Replace as need by mileage or age.
  • Tires – With the cold weather, air contracts and becomes denser. This in turn can greatly affect tire pressures for any air-filled tires. Even more at higher elevations. Make sure to check tires at cold and adjust to proper pressures. Check driver side door jamb for cold inflation pressures on original sized tires. Also check for tread depth.check tire tread with penny head
  • Seals & Rubber – Check around your toys and vehicles, anything that will have water and cold temp exposures. Replace as needed, or make sure to protect with chemicals and covers as needed.  Get on top and under, and around every side of that RV or boat and just make sure everything is smooth and not cracked and dried out. Water damage is the worst and can be very costly. Follow these RV Winter tips for long use.
  • Cleaning – Keep your vehicles cleans especially if you live in snow and drive in salt. Waxing if possible is always good to keep contaminants off and the paint protected.
  • Rust – This may not apply to everyone, but rust does affect many. Even for those in warmer climate near costs, rust and the extra moisture can do a number on metal. Everything around my house must be stored, protected, or kept covered and dry. There are rust prevention and protection chemical and paints available to protect our investments.
  • Battery – With the cold temperatures, batteries can lose their charge easier and quicker and if on something that isn’t run often, can be flat dead. If your vehicle starts up easy, then most likely your battery is health and will keep a solid charge during operation. But sometimes batteries can need a jump. Best to take in a battery in to a local auto parts store for testing to see if it can hold a charge, if not don’t get stuck with a bad battery.
  • Leaks – Check for any leaks. While this may not be an issue for new vehicles and equipment, every year is a new one. Over time seals or joints can open just a pin hole letting in a flow of water. Easy to fix and easy to look out for.
  • Outdoor Electronics – Make sure all holes and seals are tight and sealed. Overtime seals can come loose or wear out, worth the dollar or 2 in some simple sealant. Also, make sure all lights are working, backup camera systems, and your electrical system is working correctly while using electronics.
tadi bros back up camera high quality

TadiBrothers WiFi Wireless Camera System Monitor

While it’s important to maintain your vehicles for winterization or winter months’ use, it’s also important to be safe during these months. While maintenance is the most important component to vehicle safety, so is having the right parts to make travel easier and safer. One thing I will never do away with is the modern wireless camera system.

Most cars, RVs, and even boat owners are realizing the benefits to a wireless camera system. Many cars and many trucks these days come equipped with camera systems built in, but these can be limited to use, basically for backing up only. When towing, docking boats, driving an RV, it’s always so much easier to have an extra set of eyes. With a wireless system, not only can the camera be placed anywhere, but it can also be used for multiple applications.

Trucks are super versatile, and being able to just a wireless camera for any tow job is just an extra piece of mind. For boats, cameras can be great to keep an eye on the water to avoid debris which occurs more during the winter seasons, but also for trailers and RVs that have older or no camera system in place.

Check out TadiBrothers.com for a array of vehicle electronic needs. They have cameras for every application you could think off. Off road, motorcycles, boats, horse trailers, RV, trucks, Semi Trucks, they have safety gear for anything that moves.

Different Electronic Vehicle Camera Systems, Backup Sensors, tadi brothers rv supplies accessories

Check out TadiBrothers for many electrical needs for all vehicles including commercial applications:

  • wireless camera systems,
  • rear and blind spot detectors,
  • GPS navigation systems,
  • backup cameras,
  • parking sensors,
  • Marine cameras (underwater),
  • Just about any application on land and off land you may need

Have a great and safe winter and enjoy your travels.

What are some of your Boat, Motorcycle, ATV, or RV Winter Tips?



  1. Sarah L on January 30, 2017 at 6:14 pm

    These are good tips. The only thing I have to get ready for winter is to clean my boots.

  2. Julie Wood on January 13, 2017 at 6:07 am

    I do not have any of these outdoor vehicles, but my neighbor does and he puts a big cover on his motorhome to keep the weather from damaging it. So I would get a good cover if you have your vehicle outdoors to help protect it from the weather.

  3. Janet W. on January 13, 2017 at 5:06 am

    I don’t own any of these types of vehicles but this is a great check list for those that do!