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Easy & Simple How To Make (Papier) Paper Mache Christmas Tree Ornaments

This is a simple and easy way for the family to have fun this holiday season and make something lasting with the kids. Paper Mache Ornaments are easy and natural to make.

I love doing rafts with my kids. From the school activities and projects, something for a blog post, days off for the kids, family gatherings. Christmas Eve and Day are great for family gatherings and something to do with kids.


For me papier mache or its actual spelling, papier–mâché is a super fun way to create something and have fun. What is not better than goop, and creating something that is more than just a drawing. Papier Mache is a great crafts for kids for the holidays.


Here is a simple way to make papier Mache Christmas tree ornaments with kids of really any age. Adult supervision required for little ones and recommended for kids like my 7-year-old.  Papier Mache is great for kid’s hand and eye coordination and also something that that lets kids really work with their hands and minds.

Papier Mache is great because it can easily be molded around a balloon or any object that will help to create a desired shape. My 11-year-old recently made a King Tut replica for her advanced language arts class. Took some creative thinking and some work, but she had great results.

Paper Mache is easy to do and requires some simple household items. Actually kitchen items.

Simple (Can Be Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free) Homemade Paper Mache Paste:
• Flour – 1 part – 1 Cup
• Water – 1 part – 1 Cup
• Newspaper – typical newspaper, not glossy bits.


Simple Steps How To Make Papier Paper Mache Ornaments:

  1. Prepare newspaper into strips. Tear with the grain, peels nice and straight.papier-mache-3
  2. Mix flour and water thoroughly. We used our Food Processor and mixed it in about 5 secs.
  3. Place paste into bowl.
  4. Next place newspaper strips into paste. Reduce paste by passing through fingers as shown.how-to-papier-paper-mache
  5. Place wet strips into object. You can use items then tinfoil to create molds. For this project we used simple balloons. Make sure ornaments are fully dry before popping balloons. Use cooking spray to help with sticking if a problem.
  6. After ornaments are dried (warm room, sunlight works great) by touch. Will be firm, almost rock hard.
  7. We cut the tied end to release a greater amount of air immediately to prevent the balloon from pulling the papier mache inwards.
  8. 4
  9. I simple painted our dried paper mache ornaments with spray paint. Dried in about 5 minutes. The papier mache holds the spray paint very well.
  10. Can use markers or paint to decorate with even more detail.

Total Time Roughly to make paper mache ornaments: 1 hour (3-8 hours)

These are a fun and easy way for everyone to have fun and create something that will last. Its great for kids to learn as a skill and even fun for adults to let out their creative side.


Enjoy and have a great Christmas and Holidays!


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  1. Janet W. on January 7, 2017 at 7:57 am

    What a great craft for my grandsons to do next year! Looks fun to make!