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Making Ice Cubes At Home In Under 10 Minutes

Living in an area with hot summers we go through a lot of ice. But not only do we deal with hot summers, we also do not have the tastiest water from the faucet. We rely on large water bottles of filtered water, and it does add it. Since our water isn’t used for drinking, we don’t get to use our ice maker in our fridge and have always relied on bagged ice, another cost.


With the Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker we can now use our own filtered water and make our own ice, quick and easy from our home. No more buying bags of ice, or waiting all day for ice to freeze in the freezer. With the Magic Chef 27 lb. Portable Ice Maker, I can make larger or smaller ice cubes in 7-10 minutes. Once it gets cold after the first couple of batches, ice is popped out fairly consistently. What I do is let it run for a hour and can make enough ice to fill my ice box in my fridge. Great for people like us with lots of hot days, and not the best tasting tap water.

Features of the Magic Chef Ice Maker include:

  • Can Make Ice in 7 Minutes Depending on Water Temps
  • Choice to make Small or Large Ice Cubes
  • Makes 9 Ice Cubes Per Batch and 27 Lbs. Per Day
  • Easy-Touch Control Pad with Indicator Lights
  • Removable Ice Basket with Ice Scooper
  • Small Window for Viewing Ice Basket
  • Weighs about 20 lbs.
  • Available In Different Colors to Make existing Appliance/Decor: Silver, Red, Black, Stainless Steel, & White.
magic chef ice maker

Large Ice Cubes with the Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker

The Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker is easy to use and very portable. Its great to take to anywhere that ice is going to be use. Can be plugged in anywhere a 110 volt outlet, taking up little space, providing ice for any situation. Can be used for keeping coolers packed with fresh frozen ice, perfect for serving drinks, making slushies or even frozen adult drinks.

While using ice trays is easy and can do the job for many, for us our freezer stay fairly filled. With as much ice as we use, keeping trays filled creates a mess. Frozen water, food can get mixed in, its a pain with small kids who will want to fill the try. Not I just tell my 7 year old to fill up the ice maker, turn it on and select the sized ice cubes we want made.

Even when we run out of ice, we can make new ice in less than 10 minutes, depending on water temperature, and keep it going every 6-7 minutes. Making up to 27 lbs. per day. It is also very quiet and just needs to be refilled as needed, about every 45 minutes.

We were provided with a Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker for Review.