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The Best Gifts For Preschoolers from Playroom Prep

This is a partnered post with Playroom Prep, all opinions are my own. 

 playroom prep preschool section 1 ages 2+Having a preschooler in the house means that they’re always on the go. We’re always trying to find fun and exciting things for our preschooler to do. That’s why this year our top pick for preschoolers is from the Playroom Prep Company. With Playroom Prep you can literally prepare your child for preschool in a fun and exciting new way. It’s sure to keep them busy and engaged and our preschooler has had a lot of fun testing it out. Start wit the DVD’s and learn everything from the basics of preschool, phonics, sight words and math facts.

In fact there’s so much to learn just check out these subjects –

Our daughter is currently learning Phonics and we’re trying to build on the skills she is learning with fun activities at home. Her favorite thing is this book from Playroom Prep. Used along with the DVD’s it also helps to develop fine motor skills need for writing. Playroom Prep has entire line of books to help your child learn and engage. I have to say Section One had our little one so excited we can’t wait to try out section two and continue the learning! playroom-prep-preschool-schoolwork-3

Each section covers several letters and has other fun activities to do. It also comes with the crayon and cloth to wipe off and reuse time and time again. We went through each letter and sound and I found my preschooler excited to learn and she was remembering everything! Learning has really never been this fun for little ones and it’s so refreshing to see our preschooler so eager to learn. playroom prep preschool schoolwork tracing letter toddler

I found that our preschool had so much fun and she wanted to do this time and time again. It’s fun and engaging and she’s excited about learning.

playroom prep preschool schoolwork toddler
You can learn more about Playroom Prep on their website. They also are having great holiday sales with up to 70% off so now is the time to shop!! Shop now and you’ll also get FREE shipping! That’s a great deal on a gift for your preschooler that really does keep on giving.

What are some fun ways your preschooler like to learn?