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Make Sure Your Tap Water Is Safe With Test Assured 10-Tests Water Testing Kit

This partnered posts is to show how easy water testing is to check tap water at home or anywhere with the Test Assured Water Testing Kit.

One thing I have always need curious and fascinated with is nature. I know everyone can say they are, but I used to love to play in the forests of Oregon and enjoyed everything it provided. One thing I really loved was finding a nice stream and playing around it. I used to think that all tap water must come from this pristine source, how I was uninformed.

My grandfather had property along the Snake River along a national forest. I would go out into the forest and just build and explore, spot animals and find streams and rivers with flowing and clear waters. So much I would drink directly from some from time to time, never got sick. These days, water testing kits can take out the worry of water issues.

water testing kit

Now that I live in Southern California, water is not abundant. No more wandering out into forest and finding streams and rivers for the kids to have fun. One other thing that has changed is no more enjoying clean Oregon tap water. All the water from the Oregon watershed is abundant and filtered through forests.

When we lived in Beaverton, OR our water came from a natural water shed. Now that we live down here in southern California in a valley, according to our water utility, our water comes from a watershed north of us. We do not get a lot of rainwater or snow in the mountains for run off. We also get some of the water from the Colorado River which comes a distance in underground pipes.

The water we get from our tap now is not that tasty. We are water drinkers and promote water intake. Especially with the temps we have during our summer months, we hit 110 many days. On a hot day we all want water but will usually wait for filtered water. However, after testing my tap water with the Test Assured Water Testing kit for contaminants, I found out my water is completely safe to drink, just not the best tasting.


What we get from the tap is not like the tap water from Northwestern Oregon. For the most part we usually rely on filtered water for cooking and drinks. Even if we dont drink the tap water, we are safe knowing our tap water is fine for cooking.


I had been curious on the water quality. We had the chance to test out water with an easy to use at-home testing kit from watertestingkits.com.

The Complete Water Analysis Test Kit includes testing for:

• Lead
• Bacteria
• Pesticide
• Iron
• Copper
• Nirtrates & Nirtrites
• Chlorine Level
• pH Levels Check
• Alkalinity
• Hardness


The Lead & Pesticide Test was something that I wondered about. Some of the land that is part of our water company’s watershed is near farms and the pipes that come from the Colorado, I dont know how old they are. My test results came our negative, which was a relief but something fairly common I would assume.


While we have a reliable water delivery service, many people rely on wells, or even really outdated and even contaminated water systems. Look back at Flint, Michigan and the other issues with municipal water pipes and how they are maintained. While I wasn’t worried of problems like leaded pipes, I was more so curious as to the water quality since we were new to the area.

If you looking for an easy way to test your tap water for chemicals, this Complete Water Analysis and Test kits is perfect for anyone wanting to test their tap water.

Check out Test Assured Water Testing Kits for more info and to get it for your own home or work.