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Easily Turn Photos Into Art with the Krome Studio Plus App

We are happy to partner with Krome Studio on this post to share how easy it is to turn photos into art, all opinions are our own. 

I love taking pictures of my kids. What parent these days doesn’t. Wherever I go I see adults and kids having so much fun with digital cameras and smartphones. There are so many awesome places to see, why not capture them? I enjoy capturing moments of our life with photos and I also like to edit and play with photography.

However its fun to take pictures a step further. With Krome Studio I can send in images I love and they will work magic with the visuals. I can transport my kids off into a fairytale world, create stunning backgrounds or just enhance photos that we’ve taken.  The App is so easy to use and you’ll have a unique photo and their designers are really imaginative and can do things I never could! chrome studio app

 How To Get Started: 

  1. Download the App
  2. Select a photo to edit from your phone photo gallery.
  3. Share your vision & tell us how them how they can create the perfect photo.
  4. Create an account. A photo specialist will contact you once your photo project is ready to view.
  5. Receive your completed photo project in approximately 24 hours.
  6.  Enjoy and share your photos with loved ones!

This holiday season what better way to give a gift than to give a gift of a photo that truly tells a story. I couldn’t think of a better gift idea and especially great for our Grandparents because we send them updated photos of our girls often. I can even take it a step further and have it printed on a T-Shirt, Mug or something special to them.


I remember having a t-shirt my aunt had made of Kaila in her tutu and fairy wings that was superimposed over fireworks. It was not the best photo-editing job but it got a lot of compliments. The work that Krome Studio does is awesome and for sure conversation starters and awesome and unique way to make images and memories more special.

Check out Krome Studio and your FIRST photo design is only $1.99 and it includes one free re-edit to ensure you are 100% satisfied. Get started today by downloading the Krome Studio app available on Google Play App and Apple iPhone.

Could you think of a better unique gift idea?