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Helping My Aches & Pains From Desk Work & Typing All Day

This is a partnered post to share what vive healthcare products has to help people like me with our aches and pains.

Working at a desk everyday puts a heavy strain on the body. With all the crazy ideas for ways to help people who sit all day relieve some aches and pains. There are stand up desks, fancy chairs, and supports for the body.

vive health products ankle support arthritis gloves back brace

I tried out a few products from vive health products. They provide a range of items include measurement devices, foot care, elderly living and  home lifestyle safety products including walks, canes, and more.

I thought maybe could help me with my aches and pains. From my severe ankle as a kid, to lower back problems , and problem of ganglion cyst on my wrist, sitting at a desk typing actually hurts sometimes. That is the world we live in, so I have always tried ways to relive the pain without drugs.

I decided to try out the compression Arthritis Gloves, Universal Lower Back brace, and Universal Ankle Support from vive health. I think its easy to see why I am thinking supports can help.

When I used to work in a warehouse, I had to deal with a lot of weight and always used kept a back brace and used my knees. While my knees get sore sitting, going for a walk helps that. But my back enjoys the brace. The vive universal back brace is smaller, being good for use while sitting.

My other choice for desk relief are the vive Arthritis Gloves. These lightweight breathable cotton gloves provide compression helping with circulation. My wrist luckily is my left one, but I do a lot of typing and it can bother me a times. They are breathable and stay cool.


Using an ankle support brace is also something I suggest to anyone with any prior ankle injuries. While I do sit a lot for typing, I am busy the rest of the day with my kids, dogs, and everything else.


Applying a little bit of support and pressure just helps with the aches that are truly the most bothering part of desk work. the vive support slips onto the ankle, straps on the back, exposing heel and provides Achilles, ankle and foot arch support. 2 straps are attached to be wrapped where needed.

I regret the damage I did to myself when I was younger. Many times I would just try my best to get up and walk it off. I was also the kid of person who enjoyed excitement and action. I know people who have it way worse from motor biking crashes, car wrecks, and bad falls and know we all suffer.

Check out vive health for items to keep you safe from slips and falls around the house, or if you need supports or braces from injuries or previous injuries.