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Protecting My Kids Eyes With Eyewear – Blue Light Blocking Glasses & UV Sunlight Protection

This is a partnered post to share the importance of blue light blocking glasses and sunlight eye protection for kids, tweens, and teens. It’s easy to admit that being from Oregon, I have not relied on using proper sunglasses or eyewear.

Having so much rain and cloudy weather does not call for using sunglasses that often. Plus, being younger I thought my eyes could handle it.

When I was younger and lived over in Israel, we had a lot of sun. I was given my first pair of cool sports sunglasses. The biggest problem is they were from a top maker at the time and didn’t fit my smaller head. The other choice were useless sunshades that sat on my head but did not provide the right protection for my eyes.


Finally, have moved to California, I made the step to buy a nice pair of sunglasses that provided proper protection. Using polarized lenses help to block out intense reflected light. Glares, bright sunshine are all cut back with quality polarized lenses. The other kind of protection is UV protection which is important for eye protection and skin protection around the eyes. Helps with wrinkles too.


My daughter spends time outside and loves the beach. She has her own protective sun glasses. She gave the Morys Revo Mirror sunglasses a try while at the beach and she liked them. Anything in orange is good, but she is picky when it comes to wearing things.


She liked the look and quality of the lens. She has tried many frames and cannot stand cheap sunshades that are “better than nothing.” She can also change out the lens for the Photochromic Grey Lens. Making them not so flashy for other outfits and locations.


My kids will be growing up in sunny southern California and they like to have their own sunshades just like their dad. While my 4-year-old is easy to buy for, anything that she thinks is cute, my older daughters are exposed to much more sunlight and these days, blue light from their computers, Nintendo DS, iPhones, and tablets. While I do limit their time on devices for their eye safety, I don’t hold technology back from them. The blue light blockers from Googles N More Blue light blocking glasses help with these bright lighting.



My oldest started Middle school this year and is in advanced classes. We have noticed she spends a lot more time typing papers and doing research. With her swimming team, running club and other after school activities, she sometimes is stuck doing work late at night. And being like her dad, she loves her video games, many she plays after doing her work.



Working at night means using less ambient light meaning more strain on her eyes. As her pupil adjusts to let in more light, the intensity of a bright screen is not good, especially in low lighting situations. I have her using her new Blue light blocking glasses. These cute frames help to protect against harmful light emitted from HDTVs, smartphones and computer screens. Check out this video on how screen blue light is focused in the eye in this video.

blue light blocking glasses protecing kids eyes from devices

It’s important to us that our kids protect themselves. As parents and for the most part having to rely on ourselves as young adults and parents now, we want to help them. From hygiene to safety, it’s important we teach them about protecting all parts of the body, not just cuts and broken bones. Their teeth, eyes, and skin are important and is affected by the sun and other elements.

Check out Goggles N More on Facebook and their website for more eyewear protection fro kids and the whole family.