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An Easy Way To Control Ads During Family TV time

We are happy to partner with Filtrie on this post. All opinions are our own. 

frontier cable on HDTVMaybe you’re just watching TV as a family and then on comes a commercial for a woman’s product and your kids start asking questions. There are some material that is just meant for adults but wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of those TV ads that you didn’t think was appropriate for your children while still allowing your family to watch TV.

That’s exactly what Filtrie does. It’s a free service that enables consumers to set limits on TV ads to reflect their own values and interests. As one of its many benefits, the service allows parents, for the first time, to protect their child by having offensive or certain TV ads replaced with more appropriate material. This means underage children would no longer be exposed to TV ads for adult products such as beer, wine, lingerie, condoms, etc.filter your tv

How It Works – 

The service is free and you opt-in so you’re always in control. You start by telling them about your family and about yourself and then they ensure that your TV ads reflect your interests and values. If there’s an ad that would be offensive or inappropriate, then he service will automatically replace it with one that that is relevant to you.

The service also works across all content sources such as cable, satellite, broadcast, IPTV, DVR, DVD, etc. Filtrie has two settings, global and selective.  The global filtering allows you to replace all unwanted ads, no matter who is watching. Selective filtering allows you to choose which ads are displayed based on who is watching the television. It all easily connects through your phone and is simple to use and simple to set up.

Learn more about Filtrie on their website.

Would you like to better filter what your kids see during family TV time?