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Smart Hosting with August Home & The Benefits For Renters

This is a partnered post with August Home to share smart hosting home technology. Opinions are from our experience and Airbnb survey responses.

Protecting our home is important especially having small children. Protecting any home is important and is made much easier these days thanks to technology. I like my August Doorbell Cam because I can keep my eye on my front door from anywhere. With my August Smart Lock, I have control over my front door from my smartphone.

Technology like the August Smart Home Access Solution is even more useful for people who rent out their homes. There is money to be made, people to help, and property that sits around vacant. While turning your home into a rental property isn’t for everyone, it may be something useful for some. There are ways to keep an eye on a home without being intrusive.

august-home-airbnb smart hosting

Services such as Airbnb make it easy and safe to rent short term. Having  a system like the connected home products from August Home helps keep track of arriving Guests and makes it easy for visitors to have instant access to your home. Many Guests who rent short-term rental properties prefer to have smart hosting home technology for reasons of pure convenience.


App-controlled devices like thermostats, doorbell cams, media streaming, and smart TV’s, make it easy for Guests. Smart devices lets people get situated and feel more comfortable. It is even better knowing that there is no worrying about keys being copied or changing out locks.

smart hosting august-home-edelman-airbnb-short-term-rental-survey
A recent survey commissioned by  August Home found many reasons why short-term rental properties benefit people looking for short term rentals, business travels, and also property owners.

The survey found that short-term rental Hosts do an excellent job of providing superior accommodations and service:
●    78% of Guests said, “Hosts provide a superior rental experience vs. Hotels.”
●    More than 70% of respondents also said Hosts do their best to provide a positive experience for Guests.
●    82% of Guests say they are more likely to book stays where smart home technology is available.
●    6 out of 10 Guests would pay more for smart home features.

One worry that renters have is losing their keys. Using a system such as an August Smart Lock and August Smart Keypad, there is no more worrying about keys. For Airbnb and short-term rental Hosts, do away with keys and use 21st century technology to make a home more appealing for any renter. Smart hosting therefore is great for homes with kids.

Using a smartphone makes it super easy to unlock the smart lock while giving permissions from Hosts and property owners. It’s just as easy to give access and revoke access through the app. With the August Smart Keypad, set a PIN code for access without having to pull out a smartphone.

For short-term rental guests finally no more worrying about losing keys. For Hosts the Doorbell Cam is a great way to see and speak with guests at your door and to know who is coming and going. And these products are also great for parents who want to know their kids have arrived home safely, even when they can’t be there to greet them.

Check out this infographic that is helpful for short term rental Hosts and Guests.


Find out more now and get questions and results of the survey by clicking here.

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  1. Janet W. on September 23, 2016 at 3:28 am

    I’ve always wanted to get a rental property and rent it out for extra money earnings. This sounds like a great service!