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Outdoor Movie Nights With Disney This Summer


We had so much fun this summer thanks to Disney we were able to throw a number of outdoor screening parties and we had so much fun watching all the new Disney movies as they came out right outside on our very own screen!

With some simple supplies you can easily turn your ordinary family movie night into an extraordinary adventure when you just pack up and take it outside. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated a projector and speaker are all you really need! This is a fun way to recreate movie night and we can even take this with us traveling on the go and take movies literally, anywhere! 8

We watched some great movies that recently hit Disney Blu-ray like the Jungle Book and Zootopia. We can’t wait to continue to watch all the new releases in a fun way outdoors with our own movie screenings and since the weather is fair here in Southern California most of the year we can enjoy this all year long.  jungle-book-outdoor-viewing-night

That’s the thing about taking movies outside, you add adventure and it’s just another great way to enjoy movies with your family. 9

You can find this and other great movies on Blu-ray now from Disney.