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Keeping Up With Men’s Grooming Care This Football Season

Sponsored post by Mirum Shopper to share Men’s Grooming Care & Ideas. All opinions are my own. Unilever is the NCAA partner, not Walmart.

With College football season here and the weather turning, it is time to get busy. School is in full gear, and with cooler weather fall cleaning is ahead. For those in hot climates, we need the fall time to get outdoors and get active again during the daytime.

Watching Football from college to pro ball is a classic past time. For what seems like a lot of people, t’s time to get together and watch the game. With the change of season also comes how we have to take care of ourselves. For many it’s time to become more active, and for others it is time for closer gatherings.2

With the change of seasons comes the dry air because of the colder air. Enjoying the outdoors is great an as a result I get extra dry skin. Therefore a moisturizer can help. I am not a fan of the greasy feeling, but was happy with the Vaseline Men Healing Moisture Lotion. With fast absorbing in about 15 seconds, this is an easy lotion for the body and face. Formulated to relieve irritation and protect from dryness for weeks in addition to smooth skin.

My problem areas arms, legs, knees and elbows. I have always avoided moisturizers, but found the Vaseline men’s lotion to be easy to apply, and easy to clean off when done. Something that I require. Plus, when watching a game in a crowded area, no worry about rubbing off, not very manly.

While some may think a strong deodorant is most important during the hot summer days, it is not. With hot days come AC for many. For us the warm temps, versus hot temperatures mean less AC and more outdoor play. For me it means even more protection. I can stay protected with my Degree Extra Fresh Adventure deodorant stick.


Maybe you have a guy who doesn’t like to think he needs to pamper or care for his skin or hair. Get him something new to add into his grooming needs.

Here are some especially relevant men’s grooming care items to consider:

  1. Body Wash products
  2. Body Spray
  3. Lotion like Vaseline Men Healing Moisture Fast Absorbing Body and Face Lotion
  4. Shampoo and Conditioner 2 in 1
  5. Long Lasting 24-Hour Antiperspirant like Degree Men Adventure Deodorant


Being busy from yard work, going to energy packed college football games, even for during travel, no one wants to stink. With the Fresh Adventure’s rugged, woodsy scent blended with citrus and a hint of musk, be protected from stink and smell manly.

Think of your special guy and get him a care kit for the Fall season. Maybe include some male grooming items and furthermore some great College Football snacks. Anything to make it a great lead up to this holiday season.


It is important as men that we “take care of their turf.” The weather change really affects us more than we may want to admit. Don’t let dry skin be a turn off because of the weather. Protect your skin for yourself with these men’s grooming products available at a local Walmart. Keep your deodorant going with Degree Men Adventure Deodorant with its 24-hour protection.

Not only do other people enjoy a pleasantly smelling man, pampering or taking care of your skin makes me feel better.

Check out Walmart.com for football season male grooming products.