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Fun Toys For Kids – The New SuperWubble Bubble Ball

We are happy to partner with SuperWubble on this sponsored post. All opinions are our own. park play

Our girls love to play outside and I’m always looking for fun ways to inspire them to spend more time playing outside. It’s so important to get outside and get kids busy. These days more kids than ever are on devices and I really want my kids to experience childhood because it goes so very fast and playing outside is just one of those things that are great about childhood.

It’s always fun when you find something that makes your kids excited and has them ready to play outside. That’s what is so great about the new SuperWubble Bubble Ball is that it has gotten my girls outside playing with a ball again. The new SuperWubble is soft and lightweight and can be inflated to become much larger. The new SuperWubble Bubble Ball uses a new top secret Xpandium™ material, which makes it up to four times stronger and more tear-resistant which means your kids get much more tim playing!


That’s why the SuperWubble Bubble Ball is so much fun for kids is because it’s stronger and squishy and it’s just another fun toy that has inspired our kids to get up and get outside and play. Our kids love that it so many different things you can bounce it, throw it, kick it, smoosh it, smash it, even sit on it!

You can learn more about the new SuperWubble Bubble Ball and find out where you can purchase on their website.




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