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Fun For Kids – The Stinky & Dirty Show

We are happy to partner with KidzVuz on this post for The Stinky & Dirty Show by Amazon. 


Our girls are always trying to find fun new ways to explore and that even means fun new sows to watch. Amazon is known for a number of wonderful series for children so we were so excited to get to watch their fun new show, The Stinky & Dirty Show.

Trucks aren’t just for boys and my girls love to do on fun and sometimes dirty adventures. That’s what makes The Stinky & Dirty Show so much fun is that it’s made for kids. Your children will learn problem solving all while following some of their favorite characters in a unique and fun adventures.


What I like is as a parent I noticed that all of the characters always have positive outlooks even when there’s a problem to solve. This is valuable and important for kids and something I don’t see a lot of with other children’s programming on TV. A common question Stinky & Dirty ask is “What if..?” while they are planning out a project. This jump starts all of their creative ideas. It’s actually really refreshing to see them so positive and creative. It’s also such a great show to watch with my kiddos. If you have a preschooler I high recommend this show, it’s fun and engaging and the graphics are really fun.

You can stream Stinky & Dirty today on Amazon.

What are some fun shows your kids like to watch? 

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  1. Janet W. on September 14, 2016 at 3:02 am

    My grandsons love the books I’m Stinky and I’m Dirty! They would love to see their favorite characters come to life on a TV show! Looks cute!