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Fun For Kids – 3D Coin Art Empire State Building

We are happy to partner with 3D Coin Art. 

We have so much change and our kids enjoy collecting coins and so we were happy to see a fun products like the 3D Coin Art Empire State Building. What’s fun about the 3D art is that it makes coin collecting fun by turning your coins into art. It’s fun to organize and stack and count the coins and it’s even more fun for kids to turn those things into artwork that can sit on a shelf.


Inside each box is the puzzle and it comes with directions so you can fill in the coins correctly. The include a set of easy to follow directions and come with everything you need to create a wonderful 3D art piece. As you collect more coins you can easily add them in and organize them all. It’s also a great way for kids to learn to count coins.

My husband likes to collect coins, he has traveled around the world so for him he likes to collect different kinds of coins from all over the world. He wants to inspire our girls to just learn as much as you can always so I think the 3D Coin Art is a great gift idea for families too. Great for Dad to enjoy with the kids and it really is just fun for kids and a fun way to learn about coins. Plus it’s a fun way to start your own coin collection, and for your kids to be able to start one.

You can get your own  3D Coin Art Empire State Building online or at ToysRUs.

Do your kids like to collect coins?