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Bunchems Alive Creating Fun Creatures Easy – Giveaway

Bunchems are a fun toy for busy hands. Our little girls love playing with their hands. Getting their hands on any toy that involves building and be creative is good for all kids. I encourage my children to play with building toys, figurines, and also video games. It’s important they know how to use all the skills that come from those kind of playtime habits.


With all the technology these days, its important kids use their hands. I mean more than swiping and even just coloring. Building and creating shapes and ideas is fun and useful. The stories kids can make during playtime are awesome.

Bunchems are an interactive building toy for imaginative play. These fun little colorful balls stick to each other with easy. Put them together easily and build structures, shapes, and crazy figures.


With Bunchems my girls can take them and create stuff that things to come to mind or that they see. They can shape Trees or objects, or create fluffy looking creatures that move with the Bunchems Alive set. The possibilities are endless with Bunchems; they easily stick and stay, then pull apart easily for reimagined creations.


The Bunchems Alive set has a motorized Stick’em Ball that quickly brings any creation to life. Put it down and watch it go, over and over! Make is easy for little minds to wander and create whatever their little minds can imagine.



From make things to interact with over toys or big creatures letting their minds play freely is key. It is super easy for them to squish together and connect for the oddest creatures. Also super easy is cleanup because they stick together. Taking them also on the road to grandma and grandpas is easy too.


It is important that while playing with Bunchems to keep hair back to avoid hair in their face.  Also playing on a hard surface versus carpets and rugs is best to avoid entanglement. Check out this Bunchems safety video.

Check out this creative building toy for a new way to play. Create and make your creations come to life with Bunchems Alive motorized action pack. Let your kids use their hands to play, and learn strong hand eye coordination. Bunchems was awarded the 2016 Toy of the Year Award for Activities!


  • Prize: Bunchems Alive and Megapack ($64.98 ARV)
  • Dates: September 22  – October 9, 2016
  • Entry Options: Enter the giveaway via the widget with the following options:
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  • Notification: Winners will be randomly selected and notified by Clever Girls and/or Spin Master by October 14, 2016
  • Terms & Conditions: The official Terms & Conditions are included in the widget; here is the high-level eligibility criteria:
    • Age 18+
    • US & Canadian residents only
    • Only one winner per household

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