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Personalized Dancewear For Girls From Twiga Clothing

back bend walkover girl

Our daughter dances as a competition dancer for her dance studio and she loves new activewear. She has tried so many different brands and after all these years of dance and gymnastics I know what she looks for most, comfort. She spends a lot of time in active wear, from the time she gets home form school she’s either off to dance or to gymnastics. She’s always stitching and flipping around practicing so it’s important that she’s comfortable.

Twiga Clothing makes a line of personalized leggings, capris, shorts and accessories for girls. They personalize active wear just for you, you could even get matching pairs for you and your friends!

Twiga Personalized Dance Gear for Girls (2)

Brooklin picked several personalized pieces from Twiga Clothing with the emoji shorts being her favorite. They have many styles of personalized leggings and as we head into fall I can see Brooklin wearing these a lot. You can get your dance studio name, cheer team, etc. personalized as well as she did with the crop top. Everything is comfortable and high quality, they’re her favorite outfit to wear to the dance studio!

Twiga Personalized Dance Gear for Girls emoji
You can shop these looks and more now at Twiga Clothing.

Do your girls wear active wear?